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Motion control

Dynamic motion analysis, servomotor control, and axis synchronization.

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Motion control

In industrial automation, motion control encompasses the technologies that enable precise, calculated mechanical movement. Whether a mechanical arm or a robotic work cell, motion control enhances the efficiency, precision, and safety of automated operations. It reduces reliance on direct human intervention in performing complex, repetitive single- or multi-axis movements with remarkable precision. Our engineering team uses industrial servomotor motion control or stepper motor control to regulate the position and speed of mechanical systems.

Motion control

We synchronize. We set in motion.

At Automatisation Baril, our solution-driven team can tackle any custom automation project involving motion control, no matter how complex. We love a good challenge! From dimensioning linear or rotary axes to assembling complete multi-axis systems, synchronizing axes, or synchronizing with other equipment like robots, we set all our ingenuity in motion to make your project a success.

Leverage motion control, industrial servomotors, and other technologies to ramp up the precision and speed of your operations!