Background and initial request

Our customer manufactures a wide range of products, including food packaging, paper for domestic and industrial use, hygiene products, wipes and much more.

To meet the growing demand for its cardboard products dedicated to the food industry, our customer decided to add a new, much faster production line at one of its plants in the United States.

We analyzed existing production lines to optimize all possible functions. We questioned and perfected every piece of equipment. We continue to provide 24/7 technical support: we’re always there, even remotely.

Recommended solutions

  • Customized production line design
  • Manufacture of automated equipment
  • Equipment assembly and start-up


  • Very short lead time (8 months)
  • Maximum automation for a production line twice as fast as the existing lines
  • Routing and installation of equipment in the United States

Concrete benefits for the customer

From the unstacker to the stacker, the new production line stretches the material, checks thickness, applies a binding agent, dries, hardens and die-cuts the cardboard, just as our customer wanted: twice as fast as their existing production lines.